The best hormonal stimulants for bodybuilding

The best hormonal stimulants for bodybuilding

If you practise bodybuilding assiduously and wish to develop your muscle mass you undoubtedly know the primary role that hormones play in this process. In fact, certain specific hormones, particularly testosterone, enable you to maximise your physical performance while promoting the better growth of your muscles.

Although the use of synthetic hormones is strongly not recommended, it is possible to stimulate the production of hormones by your body with natural stimulants. 


Testosterone: A necessary hormone for bodybuilding

Testosterone is a hormone in the human body that is naturally produced from cholesterol stored in the liver. It is more important for men than for women and it is responsible, during adolescence, for the development of muscles and bones. This is why testosterone is also necessary when practising bodybuilding.

In fact, when the muscles are used a lot, the muscle tissue can suffer great stress and become painful. A higher level of testosterone therefore enables, through an increase in the transformation of amino acids into energy, to produce extra strength and better muscle resistance.

Testosterone also plays a role in the development of muscle tissue as it contributes to the manufacture of proteins, essential elements in the growth of muscle fibres.

Finally, testosterone also offers other benefits such as the ability to reduce the formation of fatty tissue and an antioxidant action that stops the formation of free radicals in the muscle cells.


How to increase the testosterone level for bodybuilding?

As you have probably understood, the higher your testosterone level, the better the results when practising bodybuilding. But although taking pure testosterone was highly popular a few years ago in the sporting world it is now extremely ill-advised as it can represent certain health risks and can notably provoke severe cardiac accidents.

Luckily it remains possible to benefit risk free from a higher level of testosterone, simply by using natural hormonal stimulants that will work by increasing the natural production of testosterone by your body.

There exist a number of plants and natural extracts that admirably fulfil this function and that, when associated with a healthy and varied diet, enable you to boost your hormones and obtain optimum results when practising bodybuilding. These stimulants are available for purchase in the form of dietary supplements and should be taken as a course for optimal results. We recommend Testogen, currently one of the most effective products on the market.

Testogen: A hormonal stimulant for bodybuilding

Testogen is a dietary supplement that was specially created to naturally increase the level of testosterone in the body. It thereby enables bodybuilders to obtain optimum results more rapidly.
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