Biocurcumax (natural curcumin extract)

Biocurcumax (natural curcumin extract)

A number of natural food products, particularly certain spices, are well known for their beneficial curative or preventative effects on the body. This is indeed the case with a particular Indian spice, Curcuma or Turmeric, of which its antioxidant properties have recently been in the spotlight.  With the Biocurcumax dietary supplement containing turmeric it is notably possible to limit the development of certain cancerous cells and prevent certain neurodegenerative ailments such as Alzheimers.


The benefits of Biocurcumax:

Biocurcumax is an entirely natural and biological turmeric extract. The essential component of turmeric has the property of acting in the blood for over 8 hours which means you need to take fewer pills and less frequently for optimum efficacy.

It is particularly the very powerful antioxidant properties of curcuma, or turmeric, which show their efficacy in different health domains. Curcumin has the effect of inhibiting the development of certain cancer cells such as those related to cancer of the stomach, the colon or skin cancer.

But this is not all as turmeric prevents the degeneration of certain brain cells responsible for specific illnesses such as Alzheimers. The principle active component in the Biocurcumax dietary supplement has of course been subjected to numerous advanced analyses for an optimal efficacy.


Dosage and special precautions:

The recommended dosage is two capsules of Biocurcumax per day to be taken with meals. This dietary supplement should not be taken by pregnant or breastfeeding women and of course you should consult your doctor before taking concurrently with any medical treatment.

Biocurcumax has a high tolerance level as it does not contain any GMO or allergens.


Biocurcumax and the fight against cancer:

Various medical research has demonstrated that curcumin has anti-cancerous properties in that it inhibits the production of cytokines, molecules responsible for the inflammation of certain cells. These cells can be at the origin of certain cancerous tumours.

Biocurcumax is therefore eminently suitable for the prevention and fight against cancer, in particular cancer of the colon due to inflammation, cancer of the skin by blocking the epidermal growth, or stomach cancer by blocking NF-kappa B generated by the rise in cytokines.

Of course, Biocurcumax is not a substitute for medical anti-cancer treatment.

Benefit from the properties of Biocurcumax:

Fight against the development of certain cancers or degenerative diseases in an entirely natural and healthy way.
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