How to ease intestinal transit?

How to ease intestinal transit?

Intestinal transit problems affect many people that are embarrassed to talk about them or have trouble finding a long term solution. And yet, it is possible to create a positive effect on this bodily function by adopting healthy eating habits and routines in order to ease intestinal transit, without having to resort to medicines such as laxatives.


How does intestinal transit function?

Intestinal transit is one of the functions of our digestive system. When we eat we take in food by the mouth which is rendered into smaller pieces through chewing and the production of saliva. This food is then directed through the oesophagus towards the stomach.

In the stomach enzymes produced by the gastric juices again reduce the size of the food particles and transform the nutrients into molecules through the action of the gastric glands.

The nutrients are then first passed through the small intestine where most of the absorption by the body takes place, then the large intestine and finally to the colon. The food that has not been absorbed by the body by that point is thereafter ejected by the body via the anus.

Intestinal transit can sometimes become agitated and slow down or accelerate its function. In these cases it is possible to suffer from constipation or diarrhoea.


How to easily regulate intestinal transit?

A disruption in the intestinal transit is often the consequence of unhealthy dietary habits or exterior factors such as stress or fatigue. Also, foods that are too rich or too light can upset the internal functions of your intestine and cause diarrhoea or constipation.

The first piece of advice to follow is to eat at fixed times as much as possible and avoid snacking between meals. Also be careful not to eat too fast as this can lead to problems with aerophagia, or ‘air swallowing’. Favour foods that are rich in fibre such as certain vegetables.

And to obtain a faster regulation of your intestinal transit you can enlist the help of a natural dietary supplement.

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