Losing fatty tissue

Losing fatty tissue

People who start a weight loss programme often confuse weight loss with the loss of fatty tissue. The objective of a diet is not only to reduce the weight shown on your scales but also to enable the body to rid itself of stored fats while preserving the muscle mass and water. It is therefore necessary to encourage particular actions to promote this loss of fatty tissue without harming the rest of the body.


Using sport to melt your fatty tissue:

This can never be said enough: Sport and physical activity are your best allies for successfully losing fatty tissue. Our body needs energy to respond to physical effort and when the energy provided by our food is not enough then the body is required to obtain it from its fat reserves and therefore synthesise the stored fat and burn it for energy.

The more physical effort you make during the day, the better the results you will obtain in fats burned from your body. Apart from ideally practising a physical sport once or twice per week, try and generate healthy habits by walking more or taking the stairs instead of the lift and doing everything possible to increase your level of physical activity.


Losing fatty tissue through a balanced diet:

Many people mistakenly think that by totally depriving the body of certain foods they will lose their fatty tissue faster. However diets that are too restrictive are not necessarily the best for you as they can lead to a lack of certain foods for which the body will compensate by storing an increased amount of fat as soon as you return to a normal diet.

You should in fact continue to eat a varied diet but simply reduce the quantities of food you eat to provide your body with less immediate energy thereby forcing it to synthesise and burn an increased amount of stored fatty tissue.

To assist you in your goal do not hesitate to use fat burner dietary supplements that offer you faster results by accelerating the synthesis of lipids.

PhenQ for eliminating fatty tissue:

Due to its effect on the synthesis of fats and the elimination of lipids introduced by food eaten, PhenQ assists you in rapidly losing fatty tissue without the risk of muscle loss or other secondary effects or a possible future weight gain after completing your weight loss programme.
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