Male Extra: The pill for an improved erection

If you wish to boost your sex life or simply respond to a physiological need to improve the quality of your erections then the Male Extra dietary supplement is exactly what you need! Here we provide details on this entirely natural product that will enable you to regain a satisfying sex life and become the ideal lover.


What is Male Extra and how does it work?

Male Extra is a natural dietary supplement in the form of pills that is entirely composed of natural ingredients. The major active components it contains acts on the hardness and duration of the erection due to an increased volume of blood through the shaft.

In fact, the more blood stored by the penis during an erection, the harder and larger the penis becomes. Male Extra acts by enlarging the diameter of the blood vessels that run through the penis tissue and thereby increases the quantity of blood that flows in this direction. Due to an increased volume of blood erections therefore become stronger and longer lasting thus increasing sexual satisfaction and promoting more intense orgasms.

But apart from acting on the erection itself, Male Extra promotes increased stamina and improved physical performance for its users, including their sexual relations. In fact, due to an improved blood circulation, the oxygen and nutrients needed to feed the cells are better distributed which reduces the level of fatigue thereby resulting in improved and longer lasting sexual relations so enabling the increased satisfaction of your partner.

Using the Male Extra is very easy as you simply need to take three pills a day, preferably in the morning during breakfast, to obtain rapid results.


Why is Male Extra so effective?

It is of course due to its unique composition based on different naturally active ingredients that Male Extra is so effective for improving sexual performance and erections. It notably contains ellagic acid from L-arginine HCL and pomegranate which significantly increases the production of nitric oxide by the body. As this acid is directly responsible for the blood flow to the penis as it enlarges the blood vessels it therefore also improves the blood circulation throughout the entire body.

Due to the extra nitric oxide, the body can provide more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the penis tissue cells which promotes a better quality erection, both harder and longer lasting, while also improving the physical stamina of the user and thereby increasing their sexual pleasure.

Male Extra is actually the only natural product currently available that offers a high dose of nitric acid which gives it a unique efficacy. Of course, the components of this dietary supplement are totally natural so it is risk free for your health.