Is it possible to reduce your appetite naturally?

Is it possible to reduce your appetite naturally?

It requires strict discipline and great effort to follow a diet effectively and successfully.

Therefore it is not easy for many to keep to a diet due to the feelings of hunger and frustration that occur when changing your diet suddenly and radically.

Many wonder if it is possible to reduce or stop your appetite so as not to be tempted to eat snacks between meals thereby regaining those hard lost pounds and jeopardising your chances of success with a diet.


The mechanisms of appetite and satiety:

Satiety, which means the feeling we experience when we are no longer hungry, is the mechanism that makes your appetite disappear. This responds directly to certain stimuli, the major stimuli are as follows:

  • Chewing plays an essential role in sending information to the brain.
  • The sense of taste is equally important as the receptors in the mouth also send information to our body about the richness of the foods we eat.
  • Stomach movements related to digestion as well as its capacity to fill up and therefore to expand are also noted at the cerebral level.
  • The amount of sugars, lipids and amino acids in the food we eat is evaluated by receptors all along the digestive tract.


How to naturally reduce your appetite:

It is therefore possible, concerning the mechanisms mentioned above, to naturally reduce your appetite. Of course, eating sugary or fatty foods will not help you lose weight and so should be avoided.

You should however take the time to chew your food longer to increase the feeling of satiety. Concerning the other points, natural dietary supplements exist that act by expanding your stomach to increase this sensation or that send messages to the brain that it has reached the optimal sugar level which reduces your appetite faster, even causing it to stop completely without really having eaten any sugar rich foods.

PhenQ for appetite reduction:

PhenQ is composed of a molecule that acts on the brain like glucose. It sends a feeling of satiety faster and enables the significant reduction or loss of appetite to make a weight loss diet more effective.
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