Review of Minoxidil for new hair growth

Losing your hair early can result in a lack of self confidence and premature baldness is affecting increasing numbers of men as well as women due to an unhealthy lifestyle or hereditary or environmental factors. But hair loss does not have to be permanent thanks to a new product that is revolutionising this healthcare sector. This is Minoxidil, a product that stops hair loss and even promotes the growth of new hair. Here we offer you the opportunity to learn more about this lotion that has provided spectacular results as well as our review on its true efficacy.


Where can you find Minoxidil for hair growth?

You can obtain Minoxidil by buying Foligain P5 lotion which contains 5% of this active component which is the authorised maximum dosage for spectacular results with hair growth.
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The benefits and properties of Minoxidil for hair loss The benefits and properties of Minoxidil for hair loss

Read our detailed explanations on the benefits and properties of Minoxidil relating to baldness and how this principle active component acts to promote hair growth and stop hair loss.

What is Minoxidil?

Minoxidil is the active ingredient that was initially used for the treatment of certain problems relating to blood pressure which provided surprising results. In fact, patients treated with Minoxidil that were suffering from baldness had the pleasant surprise of experiencing a new growth of hair after only a few months of treatment. The researchers then of course concentrated on this phenomenon and demonstrated that Minoxidil acts against hair loss and promotes the growth of new hair follicles.

Minoxidil has now been integrated into the formulas of certain capillary lotion treatments for hair loss such as Foligain P5 with an optimal concentration showing highly positive results.   By eliminating unhealthy hair and stimulating the scalp and inactive follicles Minoxidil thereby not only stops the balding process but also promotes new hair growth in the areas affected by hair loss.

As well as being more effective than other hair loss treatments Minoxidil offers a radical solution to your hair loss problem and can help you smile again with hair growth that is denser and healthier.


Our review of Minoxidil for hair growth:

You simply need to browse through the different studies and clinical tests completed relative to Minoxidil 5% composition in lotions to realise its efficacy. This lotion is applied locally to the scalp twice per day, morning and evening. After a few weeks you will first see an increase in hair loss which corresponds to the initial elimination of unhealthy or fragile hair. 

Following this first phase, the healthy follicles that were inactive up to then become active and start producing new hair. After only a few months of treatment it is possible to see new denser hair growth and after 6 months of treatment it is possible to obtain a complete new hair growth.

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