The most effective self tanning capsules

Do you dream of having a radiant skin tone all year round and tanning without the risk of over exposing your skin to the sun’s rays? To help you optimise your tan without taking health risks for your skin there exist solutions in the form of self tanning capsules that are available on the market. Of course, not all these capsules are of the same quality and this is why we offer you the opportunity, here and now, to learn about the most effective currently available on the market and read about their benefits for tanning your skin. Here are some detailed explanations about this product and our review of its efficacy.


Where can I obtain these self tanning capsules?

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The effects of self tanning capsules:

It can be beneficial to use these self tanning capsules to improve a tan and stay tanned for longer without taking the risk of exposing your skin too long to the sun’s rays that can cause sunburn or premature aging of the skin, even ailments that are more severe such as skin cancer.

The capsules provide the skin with a certain amount of nutrients required before its exposure to UV rays. Taking a natural treatment such as this before exposure enables you to acquire a tan that is more natural, pronounced and long lasting.

The self tanning capsules act through the natural production of melamine in the skin. By increasing this production the skin responds more rapidly to the effects of the sun with a lower exposure and therefore limited risks.

Melamine is actually a natural brown pigment that colours the skin when it is activated by UV rays. People with a clear skin naturally produce less melamine than those with a darker skin and can experience difficulty in tanning. Self tanning capsules are therefore ideal and enable them to achieve a long lasting bronzed tan.


Why is Proto-colboost the best self tanning capsule currently available on the market?

Proto-colBoost is actually considered the best self tanning capsule on the market at present due to its proven efficacy on light skin that is normally difficult to tan as well as darker skin that will benefit from a longer and more even tan.

It has in fact been shown that this product even works with a low sun exposure. With Proto-colBoost you can therefore achieve a tan even if you do not have the opportunity to go on holiday or use expensive UV tanning sessions that can be detrimental to your health. 

But that is not all! By providing your skin with essential nutrients these self-tanning capsules also enable your body to fight against the aging of your cells and thereby keep your skin more youthful and more resilient.

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