What to do if you suffer from water retention

Do you tend to feel bloated even without changing your food intake or do you often feel swollen or restricted by your clothing, particularly in summer? In this case it is probable that you are experiencing water retention. This problem, particularly current in women, can also occur in men and is often difficult to treat through simple changes in your diet. Luckily there are other highly effective solutions that exist nowadays to eliminate this problem which we will explain here in detail. But first let us look at the causes and effects of water retention.


Which dietary supplement to use for water retention?

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Retenix Advanced for eliminating excess water in the body Retenix Advanced for eliminating excess water in the body

Do you suffer from water retention that stops you wearing certain clothes and makes your legs heavy and swollen? Here you can learn how to eliminate excess water in your body using the Retenix Advanced dietary supplement.

What is water retention and what causes it?

Water retention, as is suggested by its name, is a natural phenomenon that retains liquid under the skin and can cause a certain swelling of various parts of the body or even the whole body. This problem is quite frequent with pregnant or overweight women. It is due to an incorrect water elimination by the body which leads to the storage of liquid in the epidermal layer above the muscles.

Water retention can rapidly cause bloating in the legs, the ankles and the feet, even a significant weight gain that is unaccounted for. This is why edema is mentioned in certain cases.

The causes of water retention are numerous. Firstly it should be noted that it is more common with women due to certain hormones that are produced, notably during pregnancy and the menopause. Also, a high salt intake can also cause a water retention problem. Finally it is important to know that water retention is not due to drinking too much water, on the contrary in fact. So it is extremely important to ensure you are well hydrated!


How to combat water retention effectively and naturally?

Now that you know the causes of water retention it is possible for you to act to prevent it and stop your suffering. To do so you should adopt better dietary habits. Lower your salt consumption and particularly spices too. Drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water per day. Practise a physical activity every day and try sleeping with your legs raised.

The implementation of this new lifestyle will already assist you to feel better and fitter as well as decreasing your water retention but it is not enough for you to eliminate this problem permanently.

Luckily natural dietary supplements exist today such as Retenix Advanced that we recommend on this website which can effectively treat water retention through the action of its major components that detoxify and revitalise the body in order to eliminate the excess water.

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