Thermogenesis for bodybuilding and weight loss

Thermogenesis for bodybuilding and weight loss

Thermogenesis is a natural process that is well known to bodybuilders and those who want to lose weight. It in fact causes an increase in the body temperature thereby burning more calories and boosting the metabolism.


What is thermogenesis?

The term ‘thermogenesis’ relates to the production of heat by the body due to an increase in the cell metabolism. Thermogenesis should not be confused with thermolysis which concerns the excess heat produced by the body. Thermogenesis is produced when the body temperature decreases under 37°C through the release of adrenalin into the blood. This adrenalin provokes a vasoconstriction of the skin and the body therefore produces heat through various mechanisms.

These mechanisms can be muscular or metabolic. In the latter case the metabolism is increased by the thyroid hormones and catecholamines. A third mechanism enables the generation of heat, this is the lipolysis of brown adipose tissue.  

Through the vasoconstriction of minor blood vessels, the heat produced during thermogenesis is kept in the body. But thermogenesis also offers other advantages for the practise of bodybuilding as it enables the use of an accelerated metabolism to obtain extra strength and endurance and contributes to a gradual elimination of fatty tissue.


How to generate natural thermogenesis with Clenbutrol?

There are a number of dietary supplements that exist that enable an increase in the metabolism and the body temperature but the Clenbutrol supplement is particularly suitable for the practise of bodybuilding. It basically acts as a powerful thermogenic that increases the internal temperature of the body.

Clenbutrol thereby enables an acceleration of the basic or basal metabolism in such a way that the body uses more calories and therefore has to resort to the stored fat in order to satisfy the extra energy needs. By thereby eliminating the stored fat you practise a ‘dry sport’ which causes the increase in muscle mass.

Another of the numerous advantages of Clenbutrol is that it assists with transporting increased oxygen to the muscles, thereby increasing the cardiovascular performance and enabling a better resistance to physical effort plus ten times the power.

To summarise, the Clenbutrol dietary supplement offers a diversity of benefits for bodybuilding and weight loss:

  • It naturally burns stored fats
  • It increases the gain in muscle mass
  • It preserves lean muscle and assists in obtaining a lean figure
  • It improves physical performance and endurance

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